Self-Paced Training: Drug Identification and Recognition: Stimulants

Participants will explore and identify the various types of commonly used stimulants such as pharmaceutical stimulants, cocaine, methamphetamine, and natural stimulants in this one hour self-paced study. Participants will learn how to employ the appropriate actions and safety measures when responding to stimulant-related law enforcement requests. Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to list the initial effects of all stimulants on the body; identify and assess the risks associated with natural stimulant drugs; discuss the form, use, and dangers of pharmaceutical stimulants; identify the various forms of methamphetamine; recognize signs of methamphetamine production and conversion; discuss the risks that accompany methamphetamine use; describe how to avoid the dangers of methamphetamine exposure; describe the various methods of ingesting cocaine; understand the various forms of cocaine and their effects on the body.