Funding Announcement: Enhancing Social Connectedness and Ameliorating Loneliness to Prevent and Treat SUD and Support Recovery, Application Deadline August 15, 2022

This initiative will fund research projects to test interventions that address social connectedness and/or loneliness in order to prevent or treat SUDs or enhance recovery for individuals with SUDs. Research may use a variety of approaches, including leveraging existing data sources, survey research, social network analysis, new methods development, feasibility research, etc. Outcomes of interest include any of the following: substance use initiation, escalation, SUD diagnosis, connection to treatment, and engagement or retention in treatment or recovery. Interventions funded through this initiative should build on foundational, epidemiologic research on social connectedness and loneliness, and help contribute to a more unified theory about the role of loneliness and social connectedness in substance use and SUDs. Interventions could be delivered at the individual, dyadic, family or community level, and could include telehealth platforms. Community level interventions that focus on structural/environmental changes would be encouraged as a way of addressing social determinants of health. Application deadline is August 15, 2022.