988 Convening Playbook Mental Health and Substance Use Disorder Providers

Playbook to help mental health and substance use disorder providers share the message for operational readiness for 988 and prepare for the 988 transition beginning July 2022. This self-assessment tool is intended to assist providers in assessing their readiness for the transition and prioritizing areas of focus moving forward. Criteria for readiness are provided to help with organization self-evaluation in the categories of Linkages to Lifeline Contact Centers, Linkages to Crisis Care Contiuum, Crisis Care Practices (such as SAMHSAs National Guidelines, commitment to Zero Suicide Framework, Peer Support Readiness, Cultural Competence and Humility), Access, and Capacity. Guidelines and tips are provided in the playbook to build and strenghten linkages to Lifeline Contact Centers. Resources to build/integrate mobile dispatch techology is provided, also. Suggestions and tips to develop and enhance linkages to crisis care continuum are provided, as well as referral processes and practices. Approaches to set up same-day access (SDA) are provided with a model example provided as a template. Case studies are provided for each criteria for increasing understanding. SAMHSA’s National Guidelines for Behavioral Health Crisis Care Best Practice Toolkit is provided including addressing recovery needs, role of peer supports, incorporating trauma-informed care, using the evidence-based practice program Zero Suicide/Suicide Safer Care, providing Safety/Security for staff and people in crisis, developing crisis response partnerships with law enforcement, dispatch and EMS. The 988 Playbook is a valuable tool for implementing 988 in communities across the nation.