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Resources available to support HHS overdose prevention strategy.
Dashboard which identifies court locations and project locations including ages served, participant capacity, and average daily population.
Resource to identify placemaking projects that align with rural community capacity.
Analysis of the 2021 Drug Abuse Warning Network (DAWN) reports identifying 141,529 (unweighted) drug-related emergency department (ED) visits from 52 participating hospitals.
Free web-based training series for grantees and health care providers who service AI/AN communities to learn more about compliance, fraud, waste, and abuse and health care quality.
Lesson plans available in English and Spanish for teachers to support teens in developing mentally and emotionally healthy practices to reduce stress and anxiety. For grades 6-12.
Infographic explaining what Toxic Stress is and how whole communities can help reduce toxic stress on children and families.
Resource link to crisis text line.
Video of presentation highlighting funding opportunities from Bureau of Justice Assistance.
Tip Sheet to support reaching out to and addressing mental health needs of youth and young adults.