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This toolkit for local communities and states looking to establish or strengthen community responder programs.
Profile of Arkansas Community Corrections Texting Protocol
A new NIMH-supported study shows that experiencing persistent feelings of detachment following trauma is an early psychological and biological marker of worse mental health outcomes.
Report from America After 3PM survey of households to determine types of afterschool care and activities. Key findings are presented about the value of afterschool programs with recommendations for areas of opportunity.
Follows the experiences of child welfare staff, stakeholders, and family leaders as they assess staff beliefs and implement strategies to shift the culture and climate around family engagement and continuity of relationships.
Resource to improve specific areas of culture and climate to support partnering with families after conducting an assessment.
Guidance, tips, and strategies for assessing agency culture and climate..
Collection of resources designed to help teams assess and increase positive agency culture and climate, identify areas that need attention, and implement strategies to bring about sustainable improvements.
Peer groups consist of child welfare cohorts from a variety of fields who communicate online and gather at virtual events to share knowledge, tools, strategies, and resources to improve practice and outcomes.