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Results of a study to document the educational, career, and residential aspirations of rural Pennsylvania 9th and 11th grade students.
Study which examines the barriers and facilitators to treatment programs and offers recommendations for targeting populations at risk.
Video shares how a family court judge in Hancock County, Mississippi, works with families and stakeholders to support reunification through a trauma-informed, family-centered approach.
Previously recorded webinar providing strategies to building parent leadership and power to support faster reunification and prevent system involvement.
Toolkit that integrates trauma-informed approaches into recovery-oriented systems of care.
This toolkit outlines the trauma screening and assessment process for community-based care organizations and mobile crisis units and the impact of TIRO care.
A report on the impact of illicitly manufactured fentanyl and fentanyl analogs that have increased in the U.S
NIJ podcast that outlines cutting edge research and practices and public safety challenges for reentry from incarceration back into the community.
Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force website of resources to prevent internet crimes against children.
Report from the Social Interventions Research & Evaluation Network at the University of California that addresses the importance and practice of screening for social and economic adversity as part of healthcare delivery.