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Researchers, using data from the 2015-2019 National Surveys on Drug Use and Health (NSDUH) were analyzed to conclude a dramatic upward trend in methamphetamine use.
Operation Prevention, DEA and Discovery Education's joint educational initiative, recently launched a set of culture-based prevention materials for elementary and middle school students.
As awareness about mental health has increased more resources have become available dedicated to awareness and treatment.
How Much Do You Know About Stimulants, a video produced by DEA and Discovery Eduction Operation Prevention helps teens understand types of drugs categorized as stimulants, including Aderall, cocaine, and methamphetamine.
The Building Capacity Around Suicide Prevention in Tribal Child Welfare Programs resource provides links to community and program toolkits.
Libraries of all types, including public and medical libraries, are key partners in community-based health literacy efforts. Librarians advance health literacy in their communities through a variety of methods.
Structural Racism and Discrimination: Impact on Minority Health and Health Disparities; A Holistic Approach to Tackling Structural Racism and Health Disparities - The supplement presents research exploring the relationships between policies and practices (e.g., failures to pay employees what they have earned, inequities in mortgage regulation, treatment of immigrants) and health. Commentaries and editorials in this report call for further research, as well as action to address structural racism and discrimination, providing recommendations for increasing focus on structural racism and discrimination, and outlining a framework for considering the experiences of different racial and ethnic groups.
The nation is experiencing dramatic overdose rates - no communities have been spared, including Hispanic/Latino communities. The CDC provides a resource page for Hispanic/Latino individuals to learn more about opioid misuse and overdose death.
The state where a child is born and lives during their first three years makes a big difference in their chance for a strong start in life. Data on "the state of babies" can be accessed for each state—access to this data can highlight the significant disparities which exist and the opportunities available for babies of color to thrive.
Partnership to End Addiction partners with families, professionals and other organizations to end addiction in this country. Partnership to End Addiction pursues public health approach, rooted in science and compassion to end addiction.