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Video training which helps identify the relationships to help make changes in tribal communities.
Study from Pew Research reveals how teens, in their own words, share thoughts about social media and the challenges and benefits of using it.
Collaborative public education program for youth to bring awareness to the dangers of "fentapills."
Interactive map which provides county-level information on available opioid and substance use disorder (SUD) recovery services and other data.
Guide focuses on ways that State Advisory Groups (SAGs) can build new partnerships with youth. Each section is divided into 101 (introductory), 201 (intermediate) and 301(advanced) levels of engagement. CJJ encourages SAGs to self-assess their existing practices and readiness for authentic youth engagement.
The purpose of this online toolkit and printed guide is to equip youth-serving providers with substance use prevention messaging and share guidance on how to effectively deploy this messaging with middle and high school age youth.
Infographic that demonstrated socioeconomic and health disparities for Indigenous people hat limit their overall health and well-being.
Introduction to telehealth for American Indian and Alaska Native communities
FDA issued this guidance to support efforts by harm reduction entities to facilitate public availability of and access to FDA-approved naloxone products for emergency treatment of opioid overdoses, particularly in underserved communities.