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NIDA's health literacy tool helps educators give teens tools and tips for accessing valid and reliable health information.
tMHFA is an evidence-based training which teaches teens in grades 10-12,
From JustThinkTwice (DEA) tipsheet for teens about the science of addiction - teens hear from other teens who have previously misused or abused opioids
This interactive lesson plan developed by the Dana Institute teaches students about the causes, symptoms, and treatment options for teen depression.
This video produced by Just Think Twice (DEA) and Discovery shares facts about Hallucinogens - like LSD, peyote, and mushrooms - can cause permanent damage to the user's brain.
A virtual training program oriented towards teens and young adults to teach relationship skills for love, life, and work.
This short video produced by DEA and Discovery Education's Operation Prevention program highlights the risks of misusing prescription antidepressants.
This review examines the problem of unrecognized depression in AYA males and highlights This review examines the problem of unrecognized depression in AYA males and highlightsthe need for further work to explore how the causes and manifestations of depression can vary by gender and also its intersections with, for instance, race, ethnicity, socioeconomicstatus, and sexuality.
This resource is an online, open access database on nine health domains as they pertain to AYA males: (1) nutrition and exercise, (2) sexual and reproductive health, (3) trauma, (4) substance abuse disorders, (5) mental health, (6) developmental disabilities, (7) sexual biologic basics, (8) pubertal concerns and (9) immunizations.
This fact sheet (infographic) from SAMHSA helps teens understand the many risks of methamphetamines. This fact sheet also helps teens identify the signs and symptoms of methamphetamine use.