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Article that outlines ten common Child Welfare misconceptions that may produce policies and practices that harm children.
The Capacity Building Center for States and the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI) created a listing of free online trainings in child welfare and related topics as a resource to support the increased need for child welfare staff to be able to receive training virtually.
Brief overview on racial disproportionality and disparity in the child welfare system
Article discussing the use of family engagement to improve child welfare outcomes
Factsheet for child welfare workers that reviews what SUDs are, how parental substance use affects families, and how child welfare professionals can support these families.
Environmental scan of four jurisdictions that provide voluntary services by child welfare agencies.
This brief describes how Medicaid-funded services can support children, youth, and families involved with a child protection agency.
Primer for Child Welfare workers on the intersection of parental substance use disorders and child welfare.
The National Child Welfare Workforce Institute: Effective Messaging, Storytelling, and Public Relations guide is intended to help child welfare programs initiate or improve their existing communications strategies to build public support, strengthen the workforce, improve partnerships, increase community collaboration, and enhance perceptions.
Monty's Day in Court: What to Expect When You Have to Testify in Court is a children's book which demonstrates how young people have the power to bring about change for themselves and others. As Jessica Miles, the authory of Monty's Day in Court, shares in her description, "Monty's story serves as a tool for children in learning resilience and as an aid for those on the front lines helping young people through very challenging times."