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Pre-recorded webinar addressing critical time for youth - run away - an how to approach with a trauma-informed practice.
Provides State and local child welfare agencies with information on partnering with other agencies to address sex trafficking, as effectively meeting the requirements of the Preventing Sex Trafficking and Strengthening Families Act
Examines what states and counties can learn from data in their child welfare case management systems
This review examines how youth mentoring influences school attendance, academic performance, and educational attainment (APEA) outcomes.
First in a series of briefs from the National Center of Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW) highlighting state/s approaches to serving infants and their families affected by prenatal substance exposure. This brief summaries steps states took to implement the CARA amendments to CAPTA, focusing on modifications to state statutes of child abuse and neglect, and establishing a difference between notifying and reporting to CPS.
The Capacity Building Center for States and the National Child Welfare Workforce Institute (NCWWI) created a listing of free online trainings in child welfare and related topics as a resource to support the increased need for child welfare staff to be able to receive training virtually.
Article discussing the use of family engagement to improve child welfare outcomes
Factsheet for child welfare workers that reviews what SUDs are, how parental substance use affects families, and how child welfare professionals can support these families.
Environmental scan of four jurisdictions that provide voluntary services by child welfare agencies.
This brief describes how Medicaid-funded services can support children, youth, and families involved with a child protection agency.