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Pre-recorded webinar addressing critical time for youth - run away - an how to approach with a trauma-informed practice.
AFSP school-based suicide prevention curriculum
This review examines how youth mentoring influences school attendance, academic performance, and educational attainment (APEA) outcomes.
PACED (Pain and Addiction Care in the ED) aims to recognize evidence-based practices in emergency department pain/addiction care and provide facilities with a standardized approach for the treatment of both populations.
This Native-focused activities guide provides lessons to help learn about important Native American figures and their impact on today's world.
Resources for adults who come into contact with children impacted by parental addiction
Substance Abuse Prevention curriculum for grades 7&8
First in a series of briefs from the National Center of Substance Abuse and Child Welfare (NCSACW) highlighting state/s approaches to serving infants and their families affected by prenatal substance exposure. This brief summaries steps states took to implement the CARA amendments to CAPTA, focusing on modifications to state statutes of child abuse and neglect, and establishing a difference between notifying and reporting to CPS.
Educator Resilience and Trauma-Informed Self-Care Assessment and Planning Tool