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Sage Publications has published the textbook, Human Trafficking - A Comprehensive Exploration of Modern Day Slavery, authored by Dr. Wendy Stickle, Shelby Hickman, and Christine White, J.D. all faculty at the University of Maryland. Human Trafficking: A Comprehensive Exploration into Modern Day Slavery examines the legal, socio-cultural, historical, and political aspects of human trafficking and modern-day slavery.
Policymakers know the opioid crisis needs a multidisciplinary response that includes law enforcement, physicians, nurses, and social workers. Civil legal aid partners are also essential and this fact sheet illustrates how to work with these partners.
This e-publication provides guidelines and suggestions to help victim service practitioners and program administrators improve the quality and consistency of their response to crime victims. Select from the Program Standards, Competency Standards, and Ethical Standards buttons below or use the menu on the left to learn more about the purpose and scope of the standards; how to use the standards to improve crime. victim/survivor survivors; and terms, definitions, and resources related to the standards.