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Infographic that demonstrated socioeconomic and health disparities for Indigenous people hat limit their overall health and well-being.
Introduction to telehealth for American Indian and Alaska Native communities
FDA issued this guidance to support efforts by harm reduction entities to facilitate public availability of and access to FDA-approved naloxone products for emergency treatment of opioid overdoses, particularly in underserved communities.
FDA has identified specific Overdose Prevention Priorities to provide a framework and focus for FDA’s actions to address the overdose crisis and sustain long-term recovery outcomes.
Resource for youth, healthcare professionals, parents/caregivers, and gatekeepers to identify warning signs of suicide and how to respond.
Report providing policy recommendations for unique challenges facing mental health caregivers.
Resource which showcases ways can reach out and check-in with a friend about their mental health.
Tip sheet to help friends identify possible signs of distress on social media.
This guide was created to help parents and families who are concerned about their teen’s mental health and emotional well-being have important conversations with their child.
Suicide Safe is a free mobile app that helps providers integrate suicide prevention strategies into their practice and address suicide risk among their patients.