Roanoke Valley Collective Response (RVCR) to the Opioid and Addiction Crisis

The mission of the Roanoke Valley Collective Response to the Opioid and Addiction Crisis is to address the course and consequences of substance use disorder in the Roanoke Valley community. Launched in September 2018, the Collective Response is a multi-sector approach to not only prevent but to ensure pathways exist to healthy and sustainable living for those affected by addiction. The Collective Response works collaboratively across law enforcement, healthcare, local and state government, education, community support organizations, faith community, business community, and individuals and families personally touched by addiction. Using a collective impact model, the Collective Response looks at the fundamental causes of the substance use crisis by effecting changes in policies, practices, social support, cultures and norms, and the physical environment. It combines evidence-based practices with personal stories to develop, and implement regional solutions related to critical aspects of prevention, treatment, overdose reversal, recovery, and child and family support. Short term goals include: educating the community and reducing stigma around recovery; developing a joint plan of action with specific recommendations and measurable outcomes; collecting and sharing data related to substance use within the Roanoke Valley and neighboring communities  and facilitating collaboration between local scientists, service providers, and individuals in recovery to inform research questions and apply the latest practices research.