North Carolina DHHS Infant Plan of Safe Care

North Carolina DHHS Infant Plan of Safe Care provides a referral of an identified infant to Care Coordination for Children (CC4C) from Child Welfare, that includes services and linkages that the infant and family may benefit from when referred. A noninteractive sample is provided to help follow referral steps and timeline. Outline of example referral is shared as follows: Based on information known at intake and the services provided by CC4C, infant and family could benefit from the following (check all that apply): a.) Comprehensive health assessment to identify a child’s needs and plan of care, including Life Skills Progression. b.) Linkage to medical home and communication with primary care provider. c.) Services and education provided by CC4C care managers that are tailored to child and family needs and risk stratification guidelines. d.) Identify and coordinate care with community agencies/resources to meet the specific needs of the family (evidence-based parenting programs, LME/MCO or mental health provider, home visiting program, housing resources/food resources, assistance with transportation, identification of appropriate childcare resources, and/or any other resources needed). e.) Screening for referral to Infant-Toddler Program through Early Intervention for infants with diagnosis of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome or for infants with developmental concerns. f.) Assessment of family strengths and needs and how they influence the health and wellbeing of the child.