New Jersey Child Welfare Data Hub

The New Jersey Child Welfare Data Hub is a collaboration between the New Jersey Department of Children and Families and the Institute for Families at the Rutgers University School of Social Work. The Data Hub seeks to improve the lives of children and families by disseminating New Jersey child welfare and well-being data. The Data Portal allows users to explore key indicators of child well-being through customizable visualization and query tools. After selecting a measure, users can select variables to gain further insight into the report. In addition, users can selectively filter the variables, retrieving data in exactly the way they need. The query can be searched by numerous measures and domains including child abuse/neglect, child welfare referrals, children in placement, children entering placement, siblings placed, length of stay, reentry, maltreatment, and numerous other data categories. These categories can then be further defined by year, county, age, gender, race/ethnicity, living arrangement. Trends can be easily seen by filtering this data. A data map is also available for users to help visualize the intersection of child welfare and well-being data. The data map helps users better understand how children and families interact with New Jersey’s children’s system of care, and its child welfare system. The Data Map allows users to explore key child welfare and well-being measures, population characteristics, and socioeconomic variables at the state- and county-level. The Data Map provides social and economic context, helping users explore the complex interaction between social environments and the children and families served by New Jersey’s children’s system of care and child welfare systems. Within the data map users can query by substance abuse adult admissions rate, unemployment rate, hotline referrals, placement rates, children in poverty, chronic absenteeism. This data can further be defined by county and by source (Child Protection and Permanency Reports and Children's System of Care Reports).