National Guidelines for Behavioral Health Crisis Care – A Best Practice Toolkit Knowledge Informing Transformation (SAMHSA)

Toolkit with goal to help mental health authorities, agency administrators, service providers, state and local leaders think through and develop the structure of crisis systems that meet community needs. Key resources within the toolkit include core services and guidelines for care including crisis call hub centers, mobile crisis team services, crisis receiving and stabilization services, crisis system coordination. Also, available are tools to support the unique challenges of rural and frontier locations. Funding crisis care tips and tools are available as are resources for understanding crisis care coding. Assessment tools to evaluate system capacity are available including tools to help provide care for all populations throughout the lifespan, crisis resource need calculator, and tips to understand indicators of insufficient capacity. Tips for system development are available including workforce development and technology in crisis care. Monitory system and provider performance tools are available. Tips for marketing and communication efforts are also provided. Case studies are shared to help improve knowledge sharing and transformation.