Handle with Care

Handle with Care (HWC) began as a pilot program in a West Virginia Elementary School in 2013.  The program was to serve students in one of the areas inundated with drugs and violent crime, and lacking resources as ninety-three percent of the students came from low income families.  The ultimate goal was to help children succeed in school.    The program, now more widely used, seeks to “promote safe and supportive homes, schools and communities that protect children, and help traumatized children heal and thrive”.  Recognizing that 60% of children have been exposed to trauma, with this impacting their ability to learn, form relationships, and function in their classrooms, HWC helps to support children through good communication and collaboration.  Trained law enforcement notifies teachers that a child has been at the scene of a traumatic event.  Law enforcement simply notifies school to “Handle Johnny with care”.  Trained teachers and staff then use interventions and strategies to help the child.  When necessary, counseling referrals are made for the child.  For more information about this program, please visit their website.