Brave Buttons: Harm Reduction Innovation in Supportive Housing

Delivering Innovation in Supportive Housing (DISH) and The Drug Overdose Prevention and Eduction (DOPE) Project’s new San Francisco Project have pioneered a new harm reduction technology from Brave Coop (Brave Harm Reduction) that puts peers at the center of overdose response, saving lives and destigmatizing drug use. The Brave Button gives DISH residents accessibility to DISH staff, and a developing network of 24-7 peer responders living in the building, by pressing a button when they are in need of support. In an effort to strip stigmas of drug use and overdose for those using, the Brave Button technology makes it easy for tenants to simply press a button to receive non-judgmental support. The Brave button, once pressed, alerts a responder in real-time who would go to check on the resident, prepared to respond to an overdose with Narcan if necessary.